Friday, March 07, 2003

Kelly Ripa, Kelly Ripa, Kelly Ripa!

But back to Kelly Ripa for a second. Man, I find myself filling up with rage once again at the thoughtlessness of you people! Why can't you find it in your heart to feel sympathy for her and her terrible, terrible burden of excessive attractiveness? is that really so much to ask of you, Mr. and Mrs. Mean-Spirited, with your politically correct both-take-hyphenated last names!

When I think of poor Kelly, on her Pantene commercial, you know the one where she talks about the burden of her thick and super shiny hair, and she makes that strange "Ahhhhhhhhh" sound, which I think is suposed to be like a choir of angels, or perhaps something from a snappy aria, I really cannot tell, I just want to cry for her! You think it is easy being her?! Well it isn't. I can't even look at you now--you all are making me so mad with your thoughtlessness.