Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Everybody Has A Calling?

I was watching those plucky ladies of The View today, and they were discussing, among other things, the idea that everyone has a calling.

When you hear something like that I think it's natural to ask, "What's mine?" I don't know what mine is. Is it a calling to be a little bit irreverent and always either offering (extremely excellent and very helpful) advice or doing everything in your power to stop yourself from offering said advice? Because if there is, that's mine.

What about rolling your eyes and getting really exasperated in a I-Know-You'll-Discover-I-Am-Right-But-Will-Conveniently-Forget-You-Ever-Held-A-Different-Opinion kind of way at Facebook and Twitter-ing? Using Facebook and Twitter on your stupid TV show, in a "Oh, we have a comment from Facebook" or "@Sluttygirl69" says ... btw, are the current "Is the caller there?" Anyone old enough to remember that, Larry King, Phil Donahue, Oprah? Is that a calling?

How about going to Costco and then kicking youself for buying just way too much stupid stuff especially the big bag of chips, which isn't going to help anyone? Calling or no?

Friday, May 06, 2011

Have you ever visited someone's blog, say someone with whom you have some level of aquaintance, however trivial, and looked at their blogroll? Sometimes it's a real short list; othertimes the list is long. Like really long. Super long. And their title is alyways something like: Check out àll my friends and their super awesome reads! It`s those ones to which I am referring, btw (In case I am being too subtle).

Anyhoo, you`re at the site, and you notice the list, and you`re maybe reading posts and just catching up and shit, so you aren`t really reading the blogroll exactly, but you can`t help but notice that you`ve read halfway to Hades and the blogroll is still going on. It`s one of those Blogrolls that includes every person the blogger has ever read, or watched; or admired in some fashion; or feels ironical towards or it`s simply a listing of every person the blogger knows, will know or could potentially know in some form in this lifetime, except for you.

That, my friends, is good for the humility. And fortunately, there`s no shortage of the humility to go around.