Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Yahoo Home Page

First question you may be asking yourself is what kind of loser has Yahoo for her home page. I do! How do you do. I am not saying it's perfect though. Take today's:

Item 1:
There's a picture of a dog with his beagle ears kind trick photography'd up, so he looks a bit like the Flying Nun. That's good.

Item 2:

A Clickable link to something about killer abs. When will this expression go away?

Item 3:

De rigeur pic of baby in sunglasses. COME ON!

Item 4:

A bunch of links to fantasy babeball and fantasy football. Look, I have enough problems with the real sports, I don't need the fantasy version along for the ride.

Item 4:

HotJobs, which can very easily be misread if you take my meaning and I think you do.

Item 5;

Yahoo Health -- with the obligatory picture of a smiling woman eating fresh fruit. Now that's healthy!

Item 6:

Oscars predictions. Are you fucking kidding me? I don't even know who's nominated.

Item 7;

News item about Madonna getting a hernia at the Grammys. For some reason that made me think of Martha Raye, denture wearer.

Item 8:

Buzz Log: What the world is searching for. Kay, why do you need to know what other people are looking up on Yahoo. Seriously, what's it to you? Kids today!

Item 9:

Something about that dude who played the Hulk getting another job. High five Bru!