Saturday, June 05, 2004

Katie Couric Interviews OJ

I noticed, as Katie was sending us away to commercial breaks, that she sort of gave a displeased semi-grimace to the camera, as if to say, Hey, I may be interviewing OJ simpson, but I am not for double murder. Not in the least. (Serious semi-grimace)

Like, no big Today show "We'll be right back" for the Juice. Because dammit, Katie Couric wants you to know that she does not approve!

What I Hate About 'Blogs

1. The name 'Blog. Gah! If you even have to ask why you are at the wrong weblog. It's probably best for both of us if you leave now.

2. People whose weblog entries consist almost entirely of one word hyperlinks. Then you click on them to find a bunch of things that aren't really all that "weird" or "far out" or "strange underpants" or whatever the author thought was so "delish" they simply had to link us.

I say, an end to the one word "blog" (I was cringing just there) entry, please!