Sunday, November 27, 2005

Book Club Update

Well Sir, here's how it went...

We reviewed The Life of Pi, a book I was absolutely enchanted by. Here were some of the comments from other club members, which ties in nicely to my "Why do I join book clubs!?" theme.

Of course I gave my opinion and then nodded politely while everyone else gave their totally wrong opinions on the book. But here's what I was thinking...

1. "I hated it -- it was too pretentious. I felt like the author had saved up every clever and deep thought he ever had and them dumped them all into this book."

Suburby says: (please read that like "Survey says...", from the Family Feud! Thank you!) WRONG!

2. "I am not religious at all, so I could not see anything at all religious about this book"

My verdict: WRONG AGAIN!

3. "I prefer to read "lighter" books."

Inside my head: Quelle surprise!

There was then some general discussion about how badly zoos suck and bad 80s fashions. Oh, and curling. All of which was riveting.

If anyone has read The Life of Pi, please weigh in with your thoughts on the book.

Monday, November 07, 2005

I am so cranky today, look...

Who else is sick of the goddammed internet? I am so tired of reading crap like this " "Martha Stewart, ex-con and domestic diva..."

Is there a more hackneyed expression nowadays than "domestic diva"? Does every journalist have to write in that wretched combo style of half cutsey/half sarcastic? And why do things have to be done to death, and then pursued into the depths of hell?

Who else is sick of hearing celebrities complain about "the paparazzi"? After three years of Cameron Diaz bitching about it I am now rooting for them.

Regis Philbin: You can't sing.

Jamie Oliver: Dude, your tongue is swollen or something. What the fuck is going on with that?

Bill O'Reilly: It freaks me out to think that sometime post Sept 11th I found myself really liking you. You and Rummy. That tells me something about the frame of mind of the people who think you make sense.