Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One More Thing About LOST

Ghosts talk, people live for hundreds of years, there's a magic well spring of light, a monster made out of smoke and the sideways world is purgatory.


If you don't watch the show, move on. There's nothing to see here.

Oh Beruther, The Jonas Brothers

I cannot tell you how goddam sick I am of hearing girls argue about who's the cuter Jonas brother.

For the love of Mike girls, grow up! There's really nothing to fight about! It's Nick.

Boo hoo, ahhh boo hoo ugly cry boo hoo hoo...LOST boo hoooo ba, mub hoo boo

LOST, I am going to be lost without you.

OMIGOD I loved Dr. Jack Sheppard, and seeing him, in the last episode, limping away, holding his injured side, walking slowly and carefully on to what he for sure knew was his own death. It made me cry, and was truly was one of the saddest things I have ever seen on tv. I think Matthew Fox is way underrated as an actor. Plus the handsome. Which, with the sideburns and the side part almost made my tv blow up.

I will miss that show so much.

Also, Terry O'Quinn, what a phemon. Incredible as John Locke, who was for me the most tragic and sympathetic character on the show. And also handsome!

What will I do now on Tuesday nights? Is there any way Matthew Fox could come over?