Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Maybe You Ought Notta Know.

Coming late to the news, as usual, I just discovered who the asshole ex-boyfriend is in Alanis Morissette's song about the bad ex. It's Dave Coulier. Next thought: Who the hell is Dave Coulier? I had to activate the memory banks on that one to recall that he's the guy from that really awful 80s t.v. show, Full House. Yes, the one that gave us Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Thank you so much for that by the way, Full House! But  he's not the cute one, and not the main guy. He was the other guy. The kinda fat creepy uncle. A lot of faded denim and brightly colored sweater vests?  You know the guy. Yes, him!

Then it occurred to me, thinking about that song, that Alanis Morrisette went down on Dave Coulier in a theatre? And then my next thought was someone went down on Dave Coulier?  Dave, born in 1959, is 15 years older than Alanis.  So if she was dating him when she was 18, he was 33. Apparently he was annoyed that her teenaged self would call him in the middle of dinner. Uh, sorry Dad! 

I love that song and I'm so glad I found out so many years later that it was Dave Coulier she was talking about because it's not only affected her credibility in my mind, it's kind of made her out to be a whacko.

Leaving messes, denying crosses, being duplicitous. Dave Coulier