Monday, September 22, 2003

Okay everyone, it is time to stop saying things like "gosh darn it". Things like that, that were originally (in their second incarnation) said by people like David Letterman, like 15 or 20 years ago in an ironic way, sound so, so, so tired today. Is anyone with me? I wish you could see me now--the look on my face is -- well it's like I am in a musical and I am about to break tghe mood by starting a song.

God, i hate musicals. Hate them! You're watching a movie, starting to get into it, them whammo, someone breaks my concentration by starting to sing. Grease was okay I guess. I saw it as a kid and I can remember kinda rockin' out to that greased lightening song. But I was a super nerdly kid, so don't be taking that as proof of anything

Sunday, September 21, 2003

My Secret Shame and a Great Band

This may make me sound like a screaming pre-teen hysteric, but goddammit I love that Maroon5. Looooooove them.

More G-Damn Kelly Ripa!

I saw Kelly Ripa being interviewed by Barbara Walters the other night. I have a history with Kelly. First I really liked her and was so hoping she would get the Regis gig and then she got it and she was great, then she started to get on my nerves some. (I remember thinking I miss KathieLee, who was the kind of woman you felt justified making fun of). Then Kelly really started to bug me with her perfect life. And everywhere I looked it was kelly kelly, kelly! And at the same time as the world was making this huge fuss of her, I felt she was becoming the modern day kathie Lee, with her constant talking about how hot her husband is, and how beautiful her kids are, and how she hates that Hamptons traffic. But then, like I said, I saw her on 20/20 and there was a clip of her dancing on a local dance show from about 13 years ago, and I have to say, seeing that, my attitude softened.

Madonna, The Remedial Spirituality Student

Is it just me or is anyone else alarmed by the fact that madonna has been studying Taoism, Kabballah and who knows what else and is only NOW coming to the realization that "material things do not matter". That material things are unimportant has got to be the basic fucking tenet of every single school of spirituality, and she is only getting that now, like 10 years later!?

Plus her and Brittney man, it was like watching a teenager make out with her friend's mom.