Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bad Idea Redux

I have joined yet another book club. I belonged to one a while ago and quit, for some very good reason that I forgot and now suddenly someone asks me to join one and I am all "Oh book club! Great idea! Yes! I am in!" like a dork.

The book choices are lame (like Danielle Steele novel-lame) unless they are my books which I know are not lame because I have already read them. So the only non-lame books in the club are books I have read. Now I will have to force myself to read these ridiculous waste of time books so I can have something to say about the attractive female executive who fights the glass ceiling by sleeping with her boss.

SHATNER VOICE: Why-do-I-do-this-to-myself? Is there no way I can blame my husband for this? No way at all?


Kim said...

Silly, of course there is a way to blame your husband.

Erin O'Brien said...

Regarding your blame quandary, here is a good axiom upon which to build:

"Everything I say or do is right," said the wife to the husband. "And everything you say or do is subject to approval by me."

Hence, if the husband said "Yes, snookums, you should join that book club. You love to read," you can blame him for prodding you to join that stupid book club before you were able to approve his comment.

If you cannot apply the axiom to this particular situation, save it for future reference.