Friday, June 09, 2006

Web TV Users UNITE!

Remember seeing things like this, on the internet, a few years ago:


Then the person would go on and on in their free form, no-paragraph prose.

Apparently, there must have been criticism about Josephine Web TVUser's big ol' page of all caps text because she always felt the need to preface everything with that caveat. There she was, sitting on her hideaway couch in her double wide, and one day she decides she's going to get on the internet, and some asshole somewhere convinces her that WEB TV is the wave of the future. And she's not very wordly in such matters, plus the price is right, so she buys it. And on that day, that fateful day, she wasn't aware she was dooming herself to a lifetime of paragraphless forum posts, and the harsh, harsh world of the internet critic.

Will you not weep for Josephine?


iwanagain said...

Do you mean Web TV isn't the wave of the future? Oh shit.

growing-girl said...

In response to one of your previous posts, I don't see why anyone would EVER take you off of their blogroll. I've only recently discovered the joy that is the blogosphere, and I must tell you that I can only hope that when I have children I can keep my humor and personality in tact to the extent that you have. This may mean nothing to you considering that I am merely a freshman in college, but just in case it does mean something-- YOU ARE THE COOLEST MOM EVER. Enough said. :)