Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Shangri-La Diet...

joins the quark as further proof for the existence of God.

I'll tell you why.

First the quark. Remember when science taught that there was nothing smaller than the atom? Then the scientists found the quark, which was quite a bit smaller. It is like once we have something figured out, God pulls the old switcheroo and changes everything.

Okay, now take EVERYTHING modern science (including the fields of nutrition and medicine) has told us about what is healthy eating. And think of the two most fattening foods you can -- fat and sugar, right?


Now, tell me one diet plan that would for goddam sure would not ever work....that would be doing something totally insane like, oh, say, drinking oil and sugar water, right?

And that is the diet. That's what you do to lose weight. I'm not kidding.

Who else but God could make a plan like that work?

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Cocaine Oscar said...

But it wasn't God who said the atom was the smallest unit of matter.

Neither did God say anything about no eating oils or sugar.

My favorite diet that seems to work for everybody I've ever known:

Eat what you like in moderation, make yourself like a variety of stuff and do fun physical activities you enjoy on a regular basis. :-D

I've already lost 30 lbs.