Thursday, June 11, 2009

Peeps, Please

OMIGOD the Ladies of the View and the "Is it 'Twitter' or 'Tweet?!'". They are all exasperated and beside themselves trying to figure it out! Former school teacher Joy Behar takes the opportunity to give the ladies a grammar lesson, which seems lost on Sherri and Elizabeth. (Never try to explain anything to a Sherri with an i. They just don't get it). Funny part about that is the teacher was wrong...because...
they have the dude that founded twitter on and he explains it differently.

Did the Twitter people sell their souls to the devil to get all this free publicity.

Am I wrong to just totally not care about how Ashton Kutcher is spending his day. Because I don't.

Honestly, the whole thing bugs me.

When is the internet going to be over, because I think I am ready.

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