Monday, January 18, 2010

Parenting's Hard

I have one child who I like to say does the work of three. He doesn't really, 2.5 tops. I love that kid so much; parents know there are not words to adequately express how much you love your child. The paralyzing fear you feel at the thought that something has gone wrong. It just takes your breath away.

You are so happy to do without so they don't have to -- this is not martyrdom, this is natural. It's being a mother. Moms are not walking around in sweats and mom jeans because they have no self esteem or self respect; they are doing it, I think because they get their joy from their children's joy. Say what you want, mofos, but I think this is a rather beautiful thing, this selflessness.

And your children -- how they bring you such joy! Sometimes! But sometimes they act like assholes.

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