Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One More Thing About LOST

Ghosts talk, people live for hundreds of years, there's a magic well spring of light, a monster made out of smoke and the sideways world is purgatory.


If you don't watch the show, move on. There's nothing to see here.


Caleb said...

Totally. I got sucked into that stupid show and watched every episode.

I was so bitter by the end that, whenever anything revelatory came up I would roll my eyes and say "Oh sure.. what. Ben is really an alien Pirate and the Island is his spaceship and he and Jack are conquering planets one at a time. Gotcha."

Dumb show. And I was NOT a fan of Kate's face.

Suburby said...

Yes, but I feel Jack's handsomness made up for all of that.

Caleb said...

Jack and Sawyer were both worthy for girls to swoon over (though both douche characters) but where does that leave us menfolk? Kate? Nope. Sun? Pass! Juliet? Maybe if she wiped that dumbass smile off her face. And every new character they brought in was decent at best.