Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I am even awkward on the internet

Doesn't it seem like everyone on the internet knows each other?

Case in point:
You read someone's Blog post, and the comments always seem so familiar. Despite the seeming familiarity and out of a desperate need to "fit in", I chime in with my "witty" comment and then hit post and read it and surrounded by everyone else's funny and appropriate comments, mine, which seemed really funny at the time I wrote it in the typepad box, now seems not very funny and weirdly inappropriate. And I imagine the other commenters who really are all friends are reading it thinking "who is this suburby chick and why does she leave such weird comments?"

Plus what is it with being taken off someone's blogroll!

That has happened to me a lot. And I will tell you this -- it feeds right into my Imposter Syndrome problem. RIGHT INTO IT.

I have been taken off more Blogrolls than I have been put on.

Thanks a lot, Al Gore. Thank you very much.


Queenie said...

I feel the same way a lot about posting a comment to other blogs that are more, um, "popular" I suppose, than mine. Everyone seems like they hang out on the weekends and do non-bloggy things, which just can't be fragging true.
I usually just inject myself into the comments and then check to see if they even visited my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Suburby,

damn you are a funny lady, I mean that sincerely.
I stumbled into your "blog" (hate that word too) several months ago, identified (and laughed) with your profile, read all your posts - what a riot!
I don't have a blog myself but if I did I'm sure I would enjoy your comments on my page, I can't imagine why anyone would remove you, but heres an [obvious] observation: the net world is full of too-easily offended 'egos', the too serious, the politicaly correct..blah blah..
I've never seen comments from you on others' posts so of course I can't speak for those that have removed you, but I think I make a logical assumption.

I rarely search blogs, but every so often check out a link in someones profile (usually from Flickr -that photo site) Anyway, its about time I tell you I find your succinct style of writing, your humor and candor completely refreshing. Yours is one of only 2 blogs I've ever bookmarked and actually check on with some degree of regularity.
I agree with "Sandy" (the gal who recently commented to you that you should be a professional writer -or something like that)

signed, 'a fan'
Suzanne (from MN.)

suzanne said...

hah, I mis-spoke..(so unlike me! *wink*)
-Sandy said you should be a stand-up comedian -that fits too!
but I still think you'd do well writing a column somewhere or for some publication.

Gienna said...

Wow, Queenie and Suzanne -- those comments were really inappropriate.

That's it, I'm going to de-blogroll the whole lot of you.

Abby said...

Hi there! I just wrote a pretty similar post to yours about not fitting in. Don't worry about people on blogs not liking you - isn't real life hard enough to contend with without worrying about how people take to you on your blog? I find blogs very friendly after what I was used to - debating on a very harsh and uncensored messageboard where I got called every name under the sun - keeping a blog is like sliding into a lovely warm bath in comparison. I like your blog. Keep up the good work. ;) I like what you said about being the only one on your blog not on anti-depressants - my school gate environment is very similar! Abby

Suburby said...

Yes, Queenie , that's true.


PS Are we still meeting for lunch Saturday?

wink, wink, secret handshake


Wow, thank you so much for such a lovely comment--I am sincerely flattered.

May I also say it seems a crying shame that a woman of your obvious taste and distinction doesn't have a blog. I'm just saying.


hey, how's it going!



I appreciate your goodwill and I will be sure to check out your entry on the smae topic. Thanks for stopping by!