Saturday, March 04, 2006

Agree with me, or the baby seal gets it!

As a Canadian you really have to keep your eye on me. I could start clubbing baby seals at any time.

I hate the seal hunt, but did you see Larry King last night? I didn't. The whole topic upsets me so much. But I did flip past a couple of times, forgetting it was on, and at one point I flipped past just as Larry was asking "Why do they have to club them?"

Fucked if I know!

Besides the absolute unmitigated fucking HORROR of the whole thing, it really makes Canadians look like sickos. It's like we are the crazy serial killer neighbour who always attended the summer block party and seemed so nice with his kids and his homemade donuts, then it turns out he's been doing horrible things in his basement for years and you didn't know about it until he was 5/O'd on t.v.

By goddam Paul McCartney of all people! Who, some people tell me was in a band before Wings.


Anonymous said...

Balanced Nature Not Balanced ARA's check books


Canadian veteranarian study

Seal killing 8 foot sturgeon

Video of dead fish on bay from seals

Real reason

Meet your meat

Kim said...


I knew there was a reason us Americans never learned much about the Canadians in school.

Suburby said...

Anonymous dude,

I'm tilting my head sideways but it still just looks like you posted a bunch of links.


Yes, but have you tried the donuts?

Anonymous said...

found your blog on Blogexplosion,,,,and had to read all your posts. You are good!! You should do stand-up comedy. The past couple of days I've read maybe 200 blogs,,,,and you are the best I've read so far. Keep it up., I love it!


Suburby said...


Wow, that is so flattering...thank you very much.