Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Can Just Any Idiot Have A Blog?

Yes! The answer is yes!

Take me for instance. I have difficulty operating an answering machine.

I just left a message for a friend (a friend mind you, not a super cute boy when I was 14) and here's how it sounded: (with an analysis in red)

Me: Oh hi. Wow, my timing sucks! Kay, first, who is this?

Me: Haha! Nice laugh!

Me: Where are you? Has someone invented the answering machine that answers personal questions now, because if so, I'd like to get one!

Me again: Oh anyway I guess you're not home. What was your first clue, Matlock?!

Me: I am just heading out to Safeway, but, if you feel like a chat, give me a call. Because I am leaving the house and won't be home?

Still me: Or not, but call me if you need anything (she had recently had a medical procedure). Do you need anything from Safeway? Again, won't be home to take the call for help.

Me again: Okay, talk to you later!

I'm a dork.

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NK said...

When I call and get an answering machine I hang up. If I wanted to talk to robot... well I don't have a response for that but still!

Funny stuff. And hey, I like dorks!

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