Friday, February 26, 2010

Some things I have noticed, (almost) post Olympics.

Stephen Colbert is kind of a dink.

Goddam Brits! I just saw a journalist or Radiotimesist, or whatever the hell they call themselves on tv talking about some act of buffoonery being "unCanadian".
Number one, what they hell do you know about what it is to be Canadian? How typoical British, to think you know. Honestly. And number two, don't ever tell me that something dorky is unCanadian. We in Canada know nerdy and uncool. Just check out our PM. (BUt he is awesome! Please don't audit me, Rev Can)

The Ruskies are sore losers. Two days after Canada beat them in a hockey game they started trash talking our our country, our military and our whole way of life in their paper, Pravda.
Really, it's just one game, dudes, and Canada has been there plenty of times before. I think Russia almost always beats Canada in the Olympics. Our only chance at ever winning a gold is when we are paired against the USA (holla!). Kidding! We also have a chance against Finland. Kidding again (the USA just kicked our butts in the last hockey game we played). But Russians, when you act like such assholes, it really makes me feel like I need to apologize. (You know, being Canadian and all). So let me say, on behalf of Canadians everywhere, I am really, really sorry that your Russian hockey team sucks so badly.

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