Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Have you noticed that some people add a tag line to their blogs explaining that the blog is funny. Like:
Blog Title

Then tag it! (And capitalize every word, because what the fuck):

Subtle, Witty Humour About A Day In The Life Of A Single Working Person

My thoughts on this are as follows:

1. It is borderline sad when you have to tell people that your blog is funny.

1a. Props to you for adding in the "subtle, witty" part because that covers your ass in an argument with a stupid person ("Oh, it's subtle wit--I thought it just wasn't funny).

1b. If you don't get my humour, it's subtle wit. I'm just saying.

2. Who started the whole "day in the life" thing? And why did they start it exactly?

3. If you are telling me something is subtle, it ceases to be subtle. Again, just saying.


NK said...

That's like the 'humility award' that you can't show anyone or it gets taken away.

Those titles also lack artistic flare! "A Blog About My Life and Other Funny Stuff with Occational Pictures, Links and YouTube Videos."

Suburby said...

Agreed NK -- no one can accuse you of having a boring blog title!

Thanks for your comment, dude!

Tina T said...

I love your remarks about subtle humor. You're right, about it not being subtle in a blog title, but this subtle concept is great. I'm going to explain to my kids that I'm actually nice and patient, but in a very subtle way.