Monday, March 01, 2010

2010 Closing Ceremonies (like anyone cares now)

For those of you who missed it, here's my mini-review of the 2010 Closing Ceremonies:

(prepare to be mini-enlightened!)

These are my thoughts as they occurred:

1. Wow, I didn't know Lindsay Lohan was Canadian.

2. Oh, she's not. That's someone else.

3. How long does this song go on for?

4. It's amazing how much longer it feels sung in French.

5. This whole thing is like a really fancy, really eleaborate high school theatrical production.

6. Complete with speeches from the Principal and other people you aren't really interested in hearing. At this point I was tempted to pass a note to my husband. Then I remembered that I was not in highschool anymore.

7. Wow, Bill Shatner; no one is getting your jokes.

8. Wow, Michael J. Fox; no one is getting your jokes.

9. Wow, Catherine O'Hara; no one is getting your jokes.

10. Neil Young reminded me of the counsellor at camp who brought his guitar and then he'd bring it out and you'd know you'd have to sing around the campfire. Either that or risk him being free to wander around the camp talking to girls about how awesome it is to explore their sexuality. Except at camp, the dude wasn't usually 1000 years old. But still, it was cool because it was Neil Young. Or at least I am guessing it was because it looked like a super old dude who could have been Neil Young's grandfather. (Kinda weirded me out).

11. Alanis Morisette I liked. Stupid Ryan Reynolds!

12. Simple Plan is Canadian?

13. Hedley is Canadian?

14. Nickelback. I want my nickel back!

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