Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today's Thoughts

1. Kelly Ripa has a tranny body. Think about it: No boobs, no hips, super lean, very muscly arms. Like it or don't, that is a man's body.

2. Bryant Gumble is the best moderator The View has ever had.

3. The older I get the harder it is to lose weight. I am talking freakishly, super goddam weird hard.

4. I am turning into one of those "the more I get to know people, the more i like my dog!" weirdos. I should get a bumper sticker.

5. I think I might hate Facebook even more than I hate the internet. And that is saying a lot!


Caleb said...

Kelly Ripa is smoking hot.

End of story.

Suburby said...

Yes! Hot like RuPaul in Ru's prime!

Caleb said...

No, definitely hot in the "I get a warm feeling in my pants" sort of way.

Mmm... Kelly Ripa..

Suburby said...

The temperature of your pants notwithstanding, I put it to you , Sir, that what in fact you are responding to is Kelly Ripa's face and hair combo, which is totally beautiful. But put a paper bag over her head and it's Nancy Reagan.

Caleb said...

That sounds like a reasonable compromise. Let me reflect on that.

If you just stare at the face while you commence sexy-time, you'd still be okay though.

Nancy Reagan? Really?

Suburby said...

Well, maybe without the osteoporosis. But she has that rich lady giant head/tiny body thing going on that Nancy Reagan made so famous.

I thinks she's so pretty, really I do. It's the strange manish body that disturbs me though. Women can't even look like women now. Now, looking at Kelly Ripa's physique anyway, it would seem that the ideal (or at least fashionable) body is that of a man (dressed as a woman). Does that seem right? It doesn't to me -- something seems really weirdly off about that.

But I do like her and think she'
s pretty and funny.

Caleb said...

I totally just downloaded two pictures to post here and discuss, but I can't paste into this comment section.


But I did check it out again, and see your point.

But if I saw this:

And that's "Mannish" as you say, then I'm into dudes.

Scary thought.

"Nerv" (from my blog) is a guy that is into not-stick-skinny girls. It seems like most guys want the ultra skinny model type (well, I mean, who doesn't?) but there are lots of guys out there that like normal sized girls that actually keep their lunch down.

Good convo!