Thursday, July 01, 2010

Americans, a few things:

I love your president! He's so awesome.

Your iced tea sucks. It's tea with ice. (I am making a big fat face of incredulity right now) Where the hell is the sugar and the fake lemon flavour?

Big Brother is starting again! I love that show!

Is our currency really that funny? "Monopoly money"? Come on, is that the best you've got? I am finding it harder and harder to politely fake laugh about it.

Man, those Cheez Its are delicious. We can't buy them here, so we have the Canadian version called Cheese Nips. They aren't as tasty and the name just seems wrong.

Your highway road signage is fantastic! Bet that's not a compliment you get every day.

Your litterbugishness needs some work. I am just saying. As a general rule, parents, please teach your kids not to throw trash out of a moving car.

And finally, Al Gore and the happy ending request. Thanks for a whole lot of new fodder for my nightmares.

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