Monday, July 19, 2010

I think I might be a PC!

You know that famous TV commercial -- the Apple Computers one -- that's supposedly the greatest commercial ever made -- the Citizen Kane of TV commercials. There's a room full of people dressed the same way, looking grey and extremely dour all bring dictated to, Big Brother (a la the novel 1984, not Julie Chen) style. And then suddenly there's a jogger and she for some reason has a sledgehammer and she throws it at the screen, smashing it and thereby ushering in a new era of computers.

It's all about comformity, maaaan and The Man, maaaan. I get that, but the company that seems to demand conformity and uniformity is Apple, not Microsoft. Microsoft if the company that has every Joe working on programs and add ons and such and Apple is all anal retentive about who can even sell their products.

I like Apple products despite myself, and frankly, I would probably be an Apple customer if it weren't for the creepy feeling it gives me. Plus, I don't drive a Volkswagen, so that may be a problem. I also don't wear "extreme" eyeglass frames. Come on! You know what I am talking about!

Plus, Steve Jobs, get a new outfit already, dude. The black turtleneck / faded Levis looked awesome in 1995. (Casually checking my calendar. ahem) And maybe stop getting so defensive.

"We're not perfect". Did somebody say you were?


Caleb said...

Totally. Apple makes good stuff, but their black/white, mine/yours, "Don't touch my drumset!" mentality puts me off.

I like google.

And porn.

Wait- that didn't tie in at all.

Suburby said...

I'm super excited that we agree about something!

I like google, too.

That's two!