Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Who can I tell this to, except my Dear Diary (aka 'Blog - stupid word) and my awesome peep who is following me. High five, peep, right up top!

I know this is rather down talk for this time of yera, but frankly Christmas is bumming me out. We're having the relatives over on Christmas day for dinner for the third year in a row and no matter how much effort I put in it will be wrong. I seem to suffer from two problems: I do too much/spend too much/make it "unnecessarily fancy" and at the same time I don't do enough/don't have enough craft activities available for the kids to do/make it too casual. It's a difficult pair of problems to overcome. I try hard to be chipper and stay above the fray, but inevitibly I get down about some remark from one of them that strikes me as particularly unkind, and I can always count on my husband to tell me I am being "too sensitive".. Do not fall for that on e, dear Peeper, it's just the modern day, less vulgar way of saying "she's on the rag" and they can use it all year round. I love men!

Earlier I asked my son to finish up what he was doing (like 5 mins) and then come and help me clean a little. I haven't seen him for three hours. Junior man!
And then the bumming me out part is that the years just seem to be going by so fast now, and it feels like just months ago that I put the damn Christmas decorations away and now here I am doing it again. Shopping and cooking and decorating for an entitled group of people who will come over, eat, roll their eyes about how long the turkey is taking, or the fact that the coffee pot is empty, believe me when I say, "No, no that's fine I don't need any help cleaning up!" and then head out the door about five minutes after I am finished working.
Aren't you supposed to end these things with some cute thing about how despite all that you're so glad to do it because it's Christmas and it's all so great!? Well I am not ending it like that.

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