Monday, October 24, 2011

Americans, Gather Around...

It's time to talk about the messed up way you pronounce words. Version 2.0 ("Cause I know I have had to talk to y'all about this before. And by the way, I have no problem with "y'all" because it's just so awesome. )

Word number one: COUPON. Where do you get the "queue" (kyew) sound from? You're all over our Canadian asses about the "OOt 'n' aboot", which I don't think we even say, and yet you're doing it way worse with KYEWpon.

You all do it, and I know you're doing it and I think you're doing it just to annoy me.

The word is pronounced Coo-pon. There's no Kyew. Here ya go: Cougar, douche, Military coup. Admittedly I had a hard time finding examples with the "oo" sound, and most of the words I did find are French words. But still, I believe my point had been made.

"Man-aise" I can't even...Who the hell are you to just drop entire syllables? You've got a lotta nerve, I'll say that.

But them you get all prissy with "Aunt" pronouncing it "Ahnt". We say ANT, like the country of (super polite) street brawlers that we are.

I can't think of anymore right now, but they are out there...

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