Saturday, July 16, 2005


This morning I got up early and did the thing everyone does just a day before a camping trip: come on, yell out the answer if you know it! You've been camping, right? Yes! exactly, I went shopping for new bras. I tried on over 20,000 and bought two. Camping strength.

Then I stopped by the patio furniture section of the department store. They had an outdoor room set up with a comfy, cushioned furniture, a coffee and end table set, a bar, a portable air conditioner and a patio heater. There was an electrical generation station of some kind so one could plug in a television. And some smart dinnerware. And this was all enclosed inside one of those screen rooms, which had a zippered door and some hilarious employee had added a battery operated door bell to the outside. I sat at the bar and ordered a Mai Tai. Which, apparently, they didn't have.

I thought to myself what these people really want is a basement. I mean truly, like aren't there some sort of essential requirements that make one's stay outdoors actually be outdoors. How about "no doors" for one.

I'm a stickler!


Jamie Dawn said...

So, you're not on Paxil or Valium yet? Good for you!

I hate camping. I need a real bathroom and a comfy bed. I'm not one who likes roughing it.

According to your previous post, you don't like it when people overuse punctuation.
Why is this????????

Sheri & SuZan said...

Oh that camping gear was too funny. On that note, we do own a remote controled lantern, which is great so you can see to get out of the tent quickly for those 3 am potty runs.

Kim said...

My man would camp if he had a room like that. sissy.

Nique Zool said...

My Dad used to tell me that the clouds in the sky were God's bras.
I used to never look up on a sunny day because I thought it would be disrespectful.

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Take care,

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