Saturday, July 09, 2005

Punctuating on the Internet

Five question marks after a question:

One question mark -- perfectly clear!

Two? Maybe a tremor.

Five? As near as I can tell, five is meant to convey incredulity.

Like this: Did someone actually teach you to punctuate the English language that way?????

Or is that something you came up with that on your own?????


funkyjunkie said...

I feel the same way about exclamation points!!!!!

Heidi Bloom said...

What irritates me are "unnecessary quotation marks".

Julie said...

Uh oh ... I'm going to remove all of the extra questions marks, exclamation points, and unnecessary quotes from my most recent posts. I trust that you'll forgive me for the ones that are archived. *wink*

(My issue is with the gratuitous use of all caps, although I've been guilty of that transgression too.)