Sunday, July 31, 2005

Some thoughts for the cast of Big Brother 6

For Kaysar:

Dude, you're not Lex Luther. Please stop talking about "your plan".

For Sarah:

Your boyfriend seems a little devious, plus you look so much like Posh Spice!


While loyalty is a trait I personally admire, you seem to be taking it to a weird level. Please see Kaysar's remark re Lex Luthor and remember it's a game for money not a battle of good vs. evil.


Breaking up with your boyfriend from the Diary Room of BB6 was one of the creepiest things I have ever seen on tv.


"Boobies" is a word best left for eleven year old boys. Even then it's borderline.


You're some kind of crazy genius inventor! The coaster game! The ghetto slide! Bread pudding! Checkers!


Julie said...

I watch. Every episode. I don't know if it's because I love the show or hate myself.

I think it's interesting that Rachel came on so strong in the beginning and then she really backed off. We're lucky just to see her give a nod these days. I think she'll win.

What was with Ivette crying in the bathroom over Cappy? Bizarre.

James does not have a poker face.

Anonymous said...

Oh but I love Kaysar, I say BRING HIM BACK.

:), R

Suburby said...


I agree about Rachel, and I would have gone so far as to say Rachel and Howie could win the two top spots, until yesterday.

The Cappy thing is just so strange. I think he's either Maggie's big brother or they are married--her devotion to him seems way beyond the "we're good friends" level. It's like he's their cult leader or something.

And, maybe I am the only one, but I like James.


I like Kaysar, too.

Pigs said...

How about Ivette: Drop your disturbing devotion to Cappy. BB6 is not a cult.

jon said...

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